Programmer, Cook, Woodworker, Blacksmith. These are the things I do, roughly in their order of importance to me.

Christian, Rationalist, Geek. These are what I am.

I, much like everyone else on the planet, like to think of myself as a fairly complicated collection of contradictions. I realize that this in no way makes me unique, but hey, it is still true. I grew up in Africa, started ‘real school’ at a boarding school in Kenya, and then went through my entire high school life in a small city in Ohio. I dropped out of college once, became (in chronological order) a wage slave, a weldor, a trucker, and a cook. I went back to college, and then dropped out again to become a programmer at a startup, where I am currently deliriously happy and attempting to get my life back in order from the past decade of neglect. I have no intention of blogging about anything in particular. You get me, warts and all.

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