Not the only one!

I made some heartening discoveries today. Apparently I’m not the only Christian man who thinks that game is necessary for a healthy relationship. I never realized (mostly because I hadn’t spent more time on his site than it takes to read a single article) that Dalrock was writing about game from a Christian perspective. He has gone into my bookmarks, because, after all, it is 3:45 here, and I still have work that needs to be done. (Yes, I know, that means I shouldn’t be writing a blog post. Hush, you.) Anyway, going through his blogroll (where I was surprised to see In Mala Fide, while excluding Heartiste), I encountered a blog entitled Haley’s Halo. It is fascinating to see the contemporary Christian sexual market examined from the other side, which is exactly what HH is doing. Her blog is also in my ‘to-read’ list. I shall probably have more to say when I’ve actually finished reading it.

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