Checking out

I was thinking about the whole concept of masculinity earlier. I realized that I have not adequately expressed my opinions; to wit, my Sack Up and Deal post could be taken to mean ‘Continue working within the system like good little worker drones’. That is NOT what I meant to say. The system is broken. I know this, you know this, heck, even Occupy Wall Street knows this. Family law is rigged against men, federal law discourages individual innovation, society is DEFINITELY hostile to risk-taking. These forces make it impossible to work within the system in the way we used to. So don’t. The process of reclaiming masculinity has already started; more and more men are refusing to marry. Good choice. I’d make the same one, if it were not for the restraints imposed by my religious beliefs. But that is only step 1. Step 2 is to start checking out completely. I have a major, all consuming goal in my life. I will not share it now; with any luck you will hear about my efforts on the news in the next fifteen or twenty years. Because it will take time. I live in a smaller apartment than I can afford, and do not drive. I am going to attempt to live without ever incurring debt again. Every dollar I can scrape together goes to this goal. And this goal is not one for myself; if I am successful, millions of people who would otherwise have died will live. If I am really lucky, I won’t make any major enemies while doing this, and if I am luckier still, nobody will ever know my name except for historians. That is what checking out means, and that is the only possible logical moral response when society abandons you. Change it. You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.

As a caveat; there may be other logical responses, and logical ethical responses, but I reject the notion of a personal morality.

As a further caveat; mine is not the only way of effecting change. There are other ways to do it, but none of them involve mediocrity. Just saying.

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