Sack up and deal; a primer for Men’s Rights Activists

First off, let me make a disclaimer; I have not mastered (or even, in a couple of cases, developed) the techniques I will hereinafter outline. These are largely theoretical at this point, but I rather think that they are the right way to do things.

I was contemplating the whole men’s rights movement recently, and I realized that we (in this case meaning men) are going about things almost exactly the wrong way. Men are campaigning (badly, and mostly being ignored) for equal rights under family law. We are pissing and moaning on the internet. We are checking out of society. We are using the enemy’s (in this case I use enemy to mean the feminist anti-men elite, not, repeat NOT women as a whole) tactics against them. This is a MISTAKE. Last I looked, we (humanity, not just men) use expressions referring to testicles to refer to people being bold, changing things, affecting their world, and daring to stand out. This world currently is a world that is replete with whiny protesters (viz. OWS) who don’t function in the modern world. This is not the manly way to do things. This is not the path of the testicle.

Let me make another disclaimer before I continue, however. I do not argue that women cannot be as good as men at anything. One of the women I respect most in this world is a highly skilled and talented mechanical engineer. She has managed government contracted projects, after graduating from a Big Ten engineering school in the late seventies. She worked certifying nuclear power plants during a time when engineering was a man’s job, and dealt with very real sexism and harassment in the workplace. She went on to raise three children, and then re-entered the workplace after spending fifteen years away from it, and quickly moved from just another mechanical engineer on the bottom of the company’s totem pole, to managing one of their major projects, and turned it (despite major contracting issues) into a profitable concern. This woman is driven, motivated, and VERY good at anything she sets her mind to, so long as it isn’t musical. To say that women can’t be successful in traditionally male pursuits would be moronic. Thus, I am not attempting to say that.

What I am attempting to say is that there are pursuits that require balls (metaphorical, in this case), and pursuits that don’t. Men, naturally endowed with a glorious pair, should generally try to do things in a way that maximizes their advantages. Counseling and support groups are not a constructive way to deal with problems. They are a fantastic way to deal with the emotions surrounding problems, however.  Waving signs never accomplished anything useful, with the possible exception of union strikes (but it was more the refusal to work than the actual protesting. Notice the active verb in there?). Men shouldn’t be protesting. We shouldn’t be going to support groups in order to deal with our feelings when we find ourselves unemployed, robbed via divorce or child support, or passed over for a promotion in favor of a marginally qualified person who happens to have the law on her side.

We should go out and change things.

We should take risks.

We should reach down and fondle the wonderful gifts we were granted by nature, and, to quote Heartiste, say “Thing 1, Thing 2, I’m going to let you out of your cage again.”

We should sack up and be men.

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