A thought for today

The question of God, religion, et. al. is ultimately a philosophical one. And, no, it is not some absurd philosophical question like “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” or even more interesting ones like “What is the nature of evil?” It is, ultimately, the only philosophical question that actually matters (although, depending on your answer, it might not matter). The question is this; am I prepared to base personal beliefs on subjective input, or only on things which are completely objective. It is REALLY not hard to justify either position, sadly. Those of us who have had religious experiences (even if the experience is something as ephemeral as just saying ‘I feel like it is true’) and accept them, feel the need to integrate them. As much as it galls me to admit this, though, without a religious experience of some sort (hereinafter shortened to theophany. Because I can. Look it up.) it is impossible to justify a belief in God. Materialists/naturalists refute these experiences as being irreproducible. Well, yeah, but so is a live musical performance. Your point? My belief in God (and for that matter, in Christ) in no way impinges on your rights to deny them. I am, of course, leaving aside those wingnuts who insist on teaching unverifiable pseudoscience, or legislating things that have no business being legislated, but those are rants for another day.

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